Group shot of pharmacists

Pharmacy Aces Audit

After a grueling yet efficient 15 hours on site in February, surveyors with the American Society of Hospital Pharmacists left with the simple summary of NorthBay Healthcare's residency program: “Excellent program, excellent environment.”

“They were astounded by our consistent message and goals, clear collaboration and enthusiasm and the fact that they felt like guests as opposed to surveyors,” said Pharmacist Dan Ford.

NorthBay established its residency program in 2010 and has since graduated 13 clinical pharmacists.

Pharmacy residencies are postgraduate training. The participants have already received their doctor's degree in pharmacy. The residencies focus on clinical application of all the knowledge gained in school.

“They are honing their abilities to translate that drug information into actual patient care,” he said. “Our pharmacy residency program puts NorthBay's name among other institutions known for excellent clinical pharmacy services and helps us recruit and retain the very best clinical pharmacists.”

“What a great accomplishment for NorthBay and another testimony of advancing medicine close to home,” said President and CEO B. Konard Jones. “This investment in the pharmacy resident program allows our great pharmacy leadership team and staff to help shape the future of their profession.”

Being able to retain greater than 50 percent of the graduates, he added, “is a most impressive outcome, another signal that NorthBay is a great place to work.”