New Improvement Tool — You!

To improve the patient experience, NorthBay Healthcare started recruiting its first Patient and Family Advisory Council in 2016.

In late fall, quality improvement leaders began looking for patients and family members of patients who would be willing to share their time and opinions, discussing the quality of care they received at NorthBay Healthcare.

“At NorthBay, we want to get things right for every patient, every encounter, every time,” explained Jennifer Shoemaker, program manager for patient experience. “Patients and their families are often the most knowledgeable members of the care team and can offer unique perspectives and valuable feedback regarding the care they receive.”

The council meets every other month and provides insight across a variety of medical disciplines. The group consists of patients, family advisors, physicians, nurses, safety and service specialists and managers. They also will serve as an advisory resource to NorthBay on many of its programs with a focus on improving relationships and communication between patients, families and staff.