New Board Chairman Takes the Reins

Portrait of new chairman - Mark Sievers

Mark Sievers was installed as chairman of the board of NorthBay Healthcare on June 14, taking the reins from longtime Chairman G. Ben Huber.

Sievers became a member of the NorthBay Healthcare Group Board of Directors in 2000. Two years later he joined the system board of directors. He also has served on the governing board of NorthBay Health Advantage beginning in 1991.

“I understand that I am succeeding an icon,” said Sievers. “So I know I have large shoes to fill as I take the chairmanship from a man who has been a great leader inside NorthBay Healthcare and beyond in our community. Ben Huber is a tough act to follow.”

He is president of Epsilon Financial Group of Fairfield, a wealth management firm for individuals, trusts, foundations and businesses. He is a founder of the Solano Wine & Food Jubilee, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in May at the Harbison Event Center at the Nut Tree in Vacaville. The largest continuous charity event in the county, the Jubilee has raised millions for hospice and bereavement care for residents, should a patient not otherwise be able to afford it.

Looking ahead, the new chairman cited numerous priorities and challenges in the health care arena that will affect NorthBay Healthcare's drive to continue to bring new, advanced medicine to the community.

“First and foremost are the political scuffles in Washington surrounding repeal of the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with something different,” Sievers said. “That certainly will determine if we can continue to care for those with government insurance, those underinsured and those without coverage.”

But just as importantly, he said, “We, as an independent and community-based system, are being squeezed by Goliath corporate competitors, by health plans looking to increase profits at our expense and government regulations that do little or nothing to improve the care of patients.”