Hospital Safety Measures Implemented

NorthBay Medical Center implemented its first-ever visitor badging system in 2019, improving security on the Fairfield campus.

A metal security desk was positioned in the hallway between the Welcome Pavilion and the Emergency Department. It is staffed with a uniform security officer 24/7/365, according to Tyler Jobson, security manager.

“We check in anyone coming from the Emergency Department into the hospital, and to check on visitors who have already picked up their badge in the Welcome Pavilion,” said Tyler. “If the line in the pavilion is backing up, we can also process them at the security checkpoint.”

The Envoy visitor badges are good for 24 hours.

“The goal is to be able to identify all visitors in our hospital,” explained Tyler. “The system will even allow us to create a black list, in case we have visitors who have been a problem in the past.”

The other hope is that visitors who are wanted by law enforcement or who pose a potential for violence won’t be inclined to visit, if a badge with their name and photo is required.

“We work very closely with local law enforcement,” said Tyler. “If a potential visitor has a warrant out for their arrest, we can quickly communicate and nip any potential problems in the bud.”

The system is fairly simple, said Tyler. It uses an iPad and a printer. The guest answers questions and uses the iPad to take their photo. They have to state their destination and room number they plan to visit.

The system was also implemented at VacaValley Hospital in 2019.