Robotics Team Launches Advanced Program

Following intensive training for staff and physicians, pioneers of NorthBay Healthcare’s da Vinci surgical robotics program officially launched the service with its first surgical case on Dec. 3, a highly successful one.

A gall bladder removal was performed by William Fulton, D.O., using the da Vinci robotic surgical system. A simple surgery, perhaps, but it represented a major milestone for health care in Solano County.

NorthBay’s da Vinci system is not only the most technologically advanced system available, but no other medical facility in the county has one. It was delivered in early October and training for staff and physicians began immediately.

The $2 million da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to perform complex and delicate reconstructive surgeries through a minimally invasive approach. The surgeon sits at a console and uses a set of instruments that translates their hand movements in real time, but with a greater range of motion and dexterity.

Surgeons perform these tasks through one or two small incisions. It is not a one-person show. Everyone on the team is trained, from anesthesia to clinical staff. Training included travel to other hospitals to observe cases, as well as participation in labs and simulations.

William Fulton, D.O. and Herkanwal Khaira, M.D., along with Majid Kianmajd, D.O., and Haroon Mojaddidi, M.D., were the first wave of credentialed surgeons to use the system, and their cases were attended by several surgical staff members who work with them on prostrate, hernia and appendectomy cases.

From there, training is expected to include several other surgeons who will perform gynecologic, urologic, and even bariatric surgeries.

“NorthBay is excited to have this technology in hand, not only because it meets our mission of advanced care, but it is also a gift to our community, bringing advanced technology close to home,” said Aimee Brewer, president of NorthBay Healthcare Group.

About a week before the launch, Drs. Khaira and Zopfi fielded questions from reporters, resulting in Page 1 stories in the Fairfield Daily Republic and Reporter newspapers on Thanksgiving Day.