Emergency Providers Join NorthBay

On Dec. 1, some 30-plus providers from NorthBay Healthcare’s Emergency Services department became part of NorthBay Medical Foundation, making the group 197-strong, according to Wayne Gietz, vice president of Ambulatory Services.

The group, which includes physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, previously was part of TeamHealth, a national contract management group.

“We have some providers in this group who have worked at our NorthBay facilities for more than 10 years,” said Wayne. “This is a great opportunity. When we work together to share resources, quality, building assets and access, it benefits the entire organization.”

Ben Williams, M.D., medical director of Emergency Services, agreed. “This gives us a great opportunity to remove the middleman from our communications, and to develop mutually aligned goals.”

Dr. Williams is one-third of a new triad that oversees Emergency Services at NorthBay Healthcare.

He is joined by Heather Theaux, R.N., director of Trauma Services, and Kevin Clougherty, director of Emergency Department Business Operations.

NorthBay Medical Foundation began the year with 118 providers in the ambulatory division. “It’s been a year of tremendous growth for us,” said Wayne. “It’s exciting to see how much we’re going to be able to accomplish by working together.”