Focused on Opioid Epidemic

NorthBay Healthcare and Chief Medical Officer Seth Kaufman, M.D., were active participants in 2019 in Drug Safe Solano, formerly the Solano Opioid Safety Coalition.

Since its beginning it has instituted a number of measures to fine-tune pain medication orders to promote opioid stewardship, to establish chronic pain policies in hospitals and clinics, educate staff, install secure medication take-back boxes in both hospitals and go live with a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program in the Emergency Departments.

The coalition is made up of physicians, pharmacists, community leaders and law enforcement. In 2019, the coalition hosted community and provider education, increased dramatically the number of clinicians who can prescribe Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder, received multiple grants to expand and accelerate work, increased access to Narcan, expanded treatment options for incarcerated individuals and more.

The coalition set an extensive set of 2020 goals.

It will partner with school districts to increase awareness and decrease the supply of opioids, continue community education, increase the number of take-back boxes and work with other organizations to fight social determinants that lead to drug addiction, such as insufficient housing.