Mayo Clinic Collaboration Grows

NorthBay Healthcare and Mayo Clinic Care Network marked the second anniversary of their collaborative relationship in May.

In 2018, NorthBay physicians across a dozen specialty fields submitted nearly 150 eConsults, an electronic connection in which Mayo experts and NorthBay clinicians discuss complex medical cases.

NorthBay Healthcare is the only hospital in Northern California, and one of only two in the state, to become part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, which now includes more than 45 health care organizations across the country and around the world.

The relationship with Mayo provides the experience of more than 4,000 physicians and scientists to give a second opinion, a second set of eyes or simply to weigh in on complex cases.

NorthBay physicians and community immediately embraced this collaboration. According to Aimee Brewer, president of NorthBay Healthcare Group, “For the patients, it provides the confidence that NorthBay can provide them the most advanced medicine right here, close to home. For our physicians, they get not only confirmation that they are following the right course with their patients, but they share knowledge in a beneficial way.”

With eConsults, NorthBay doctors can submit the patient’s information and test results and the experts at Mayo Clinic can review and advise without the patient having to travel out of the area. Mayo Clinic reviews can often include information about the latest clinical trials and studies.