Baby Friendly, Again!

NorthBay Medical Center again earned designation as a Baby-Friendly hospital in 2019.

News of the re-designation came Sept. 12 in a letter from Baby-Friendly USA, an international breastfeeding education and support program sponsored by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

“Be proud and celebrate; the NorthBay team provides our smallest patients with the healthiest start in life,” said Katie Lydon, director of Women and Children’s Services.

Heather Troutt, clinical manager, Women and Children’s Services, said the re-designation is a testament to the quality of care NorthBay provides. “The criteria to obtain this status is challenging and designed to set the standards for the best possible breastfeeding support for mother and infant in the maternity setting, thus ensuring high quality of care in this critical area of mother/baby care,” she said.

“It is much, much more than just breastfeeding. Our patients know that when they deliver with us, they know that we will do everything to allow that crucial time of bonding that you can never get back. This is true for all patients, no matter how they deliver,” Heather said.

NorthBay is the only hospital in Solano County that is designated as Baby-Friendly.