Guild Secondhand Rose Closes

After many years in the thrift business, NorthBay Guild members elected to close their store, Secondhand Rose Thriftique, in the fall.

“The decision was not easy, and we tried everything we could to keep it open, but in the end, closing is the right decision,” said Jane Hilliard, director of Volunteer Services for NorthBay Healthcare.

The physical demands on volunteers, the cost of leasing the building and paying for utilities, repeated damage from leaks during the rainy season, pest problems and competition from for-profit second-hand businesses were key factors in the decision.

Secondhand Rose opened to much fanfare on Valentine's Day 2013 at the 322 Parker St. location and at the time had about 25 volunteers who worked shifts Tuesday through Sunday. When the decision was made to close, only about a dozen volunteers were available to fill the essential roles, ring up deals for customers, receive and sort donations, and keep the store clean.

The Parker Street venue proved an excellent spot for NorthBay Healthcare to host Merriment on Main activities during Vacaville's annual tree-lighting event every holiday season. In addition, the shop participated in Downtown Vacaville events, such as Ladies Nights and wine strolls.

“We loved being there, and we loved helping the community,” said Hilliard, who explained that many donations were made to support at-risk and homeless individuals through the years.