Message from the Chairman

By Dennis Landis Portrait of chairman Landis

More than 60 years ago, NorthBay Healthcare Foundation's creators had a vision and a call to action: Create a health system – owned and managed by local residents for local residents – and invite others to join the effort to build it.

Civic leaders and local physicians best understood Solano County's unique health care needs. They knew it was essential for Solano County to provide the most advanced, compassionately delivered health care, available close to your home, your friends and your neighbors. They also recognized how important it would be to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable. Their vision early on was spot on, and the call to action was heeded.

Thanks to those pioneers and others who succeeded them, NorthBay Healthcare has grown to become a highly respected health care system with extraordinary medical and clinical services that garner prestigious awards, certifications and designations. Ours is a Magnet-recognized nursing program. We are one of only two systems in California in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

To maintain great programs and exemplary care requires sustained financial support.

NorthBay Healthcare Foundation has enjoyed enviable philanthropic support through the years, most notably through the establishment of several generous endowments and the highly successful Solano Wine & Food Jubilee. But in 2017 we also began to experience unique challenges from outside forces. Additionally, we witnessed a disturbing trend – mirrored around the country – in declining philanthropic support from major organizations. The American Cancer Society, the Alzheimer's Association and the American Heart Association, for example, are no longer keeping donated funds local and instead choosing to fund research.

I became chairman of the NorthBay Healthcare Foundation of Directors in June 2017, making it my mission to cultivate new sources of philanthropic support for our unique health care system, and to challenge others to step up and carry on, in the manner others have in decades past.

It's an ambitious challenge and call to action for our next generation: Sustain the vision our forefathers had and build on it so it remains strong for decades to come. We must seek out new and committed philanthropists – individuals and businesses – among us.

We will remind them of the many ways NorthBay Healthcare achieves its mission of compassionate care, advanced medicine, close to home. We will challenge them to imagine a Solano County without an independent health care system that provides services all have come to expect and many depend upon.

Therefore, let me elicit your support by assuring you our services will continue as will programs unique to NorthBay Healthcare, such as the Adult Day Center for dementia patients and Hospice & Bereavement. The demand is great for so many who are the most vulnerable among us.

I enthusiastically embrace this challenge. Please join me.