Genentech employees pose at NorthBay Adult Day Center event

Genentech Gives Back Week

“Wanted” posters, a make-shift “jail,” 10-gallon hats, colorful bandanas and even a tiny pony were all part of Western Days theme day at the NorthBay Adult Day Center on Friday, June 15, when visitors from Genentech-Vacaville came a'visiting as part of their organization's “Give Back Week” activities.

For a week in June, Genentech employees are encouraged to volunteer for causes that matter to them, and they spread out into the community to work at food banks, shelters and schools. For the past few years, NorthBay Adult Day Center has been an option on Genentech's volunteer list.

Eight Genentech employees spent several hours at the center, joining in with entertainment provided by Michael Jasper, a comedian and musician who visits the center once a month. Then, they helped participants have their photo taken with Tyke, the therapy pony, and his handler, Joyce Bristow. After the photo sessions, all were treated to a barbecue lunch of hot dogs, chili, macaroni salad, watermelon and pie.

Genentech's Abe Silverio works the night shift at the facility and said he signed up to volunteer at the Adult Day Center for very personal reasons. “This all hits close to home for me. It's very fulfilling for me to help out a bit and be out into the community like this.”