Viva Fiesta Days!

Man holding up a foam thumbs up hand

In what is quickly turning out to be a popular holiday tradition, several dozen NorthBay Healthcare employees, volunteers and family members marched in the 59th annual Fiesta Days parade on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2016.

A boisterous crew wore black-and-white #NorthBay T-shirts and fun sunglasses, waved large foam “thumbs up” signs and blue and gold pompoms. As the group made its way down Merchant Street, it was led by several who carried our “We Honor Veterans” sign and flags representing every branch of the military.

Drawing up the rear of the NorthBay Healthcare entry was the purple Trauma Ambulance, proudly decked out in NorthBay and Mayo Clinic Care Network collaboration signs and towing a huge, white hashtag on a trailer.

Group posing for Viva Fiesta Days event