NorthBay Helps Deploy Life-Saving CPR Devices

NorthBay Healthcare, Medic Ambulance and the Fairfield Fire Department teamed up in 2019 to improve the chances local residents have of surviving a heart attack.

Every first-responder unit arriving at a medical emergency in Fairfield is now equipped with new LUCAS 3 CPR devices, thanks to funding from NorthBay, Medic and the local fire department. Devices were purchased for each first-out Fire Department apparatus and two Medic Ambulance supervisor vehicles.

NorthBay has been using the LUCAS device for more than two years in its hospitals. It is new for the ambulance and fire department.

LUCAS performs hands-free, continuous chest compressions, increasing the probability of a good outcome for the patient and reducing the burden and risk for first-responders.

With the LUCAS device in action, fire, ambulance and hospital personnel can concentrate on patient care and life-saving intervention for those in cardiac arrest, while ensuring high-quality CPR is being administered.

At a press conference held March 19, NorthBay, Medic and Fire department officials sang the praises of the devices and a focused outreach effort to the community to teach hands-only CPR.

“I see the benefit of these machines. They are absolutely unbelievable,” said NorthBay Chief Medical Officer Seth Kaufman, M.D. “The better patients are managed and optimized before they reach any emergency department, the better chance they are going to survive. … It is well known that quality chest compressions done as quickly as possible will improve survival. So in short, we’re going to absolutely save lives with these and I am really excited.”

Medic Ambulance President James Pierson agreed and noted that the collaborative effort with NorthBay and the Fire Department will not end with the addition of the LUCAS devices. “We’re collaboratively going to be doing outreach to the community … to help teach people not to be afraid of CPR,” he said. “We need people in our community to be educated and not afraid to start compressions.”