Breast cancer lunch attendees

Breast Cancer Lunch Raises Awareness

For the first time, NorthBay Healthcare's annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon was held in Vacaville, new home of the NorthBay Cancer Center.

Cancer luncheon gives Christine Franklin Award

The 150 guests received a thorough update on breast cancer treatments, and applauded a courageous breast cancer survivor who shared her story. A highlight of the lunch was presentation of the Christine Franklin Award, named after a Vacaville woman who used her battle with breast cancer to educate others about the importance of mammograms and preventive health care.

Surgeon Jason Marengo, M.D., presented the award to Pat Mendez, president of the Solano Midnight Sun Breast Cancer Foundation. Mendez is a former NorthBay Healthcare employee and a longtime advocate and confidante for anyone facing breast cancer in Solano County.