Genetech employees gardening and barbecuing with alzheimers patients

Genentech's Team Effort

Genetech employee standing with alzheimers patient

In June, guests from Genentech-Vacaville visited the NorthBay Adult Day Center in Vacaville as part of the firm's “Give Back Week” activities. The company's employees are encouraged to volunteer for causes that matter to them and they fan out into the community to spend time at food banks, animal shelters and, for the past few years, the NorthBay Adult Day Center. The center provides respite care for people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Four Genentech employees spent several hours at the center, helping participants plant flowers, vegetables, herbs and succulents in large containers. Then they were treated to a barbecue lunch.

“I could see they really enjoyed themselves,” said Sandy Perez, Adult Day Center program manager. “You hear about Alzheimer's disease, but it becomes so much more human when you spend some time with those who have it, and learn about them.”